Preamble for this Blog !

Since 1992, every Swedish citizen is guaranteed the right under this Fundamental Law; "The Freedom of Expression Act", 1991:1469, vis-à-vis the public institutions, publicly to express his or her thoughts, opinions and sentiments, and in general to communicate information on any subject whatsoever on sound radio, television and certain similar transmissions, through public playback of material from a database, and in films, video recordings, sound recordings and other technical recordings.

The Freedom of Expression Constitution, a law that more and more Social Democrats, Communists, Environmental Fascists are increasingly deviating from. It is to control the great mass of people who do not agree with their oppression of opinion, but can think for themselves. It is a threat to those who are most politically correct, with associated values.


Om du mot all förmodan skulle fara väldigt illa av denna blogg's innehåll.

DÅ vill jag att du hämtar ditt exemplar; Här





Corona -Neg


Så skönt för fjärde gången INTE corona, dock en släng av ett annat kroppsvirus som slagit sej ner i kroppen, och det de luxe. Men känslan om att inte nära coronan, den är goder. Fortsatt vila, nedsättande temperatur-piller, så lär det säkert ordna opp saaj.